We are not just doing work to get paid, we actually build modern IT valuable assets. We produce things that make difference and help.

We have a work culture that is based on the following axes:

Employee voice

Our employees are our most valuable assets. We take proper care of them and make sure they feel home at work. A happy employee cares for the business. We are very selective when we recruit. We only choose the best of the best talents and persons.


Transparency builds trust and trust builds successful teams and working groups. We maintain the highest levels of transparency between us within our company and in our relations with clients and suppliers as well. We have nothing to hide and are actually proud of what we do; hence we like to share it openly.

Learning & Development Opportunities

Today, learning and development have become essential in the business if you want to at least keep your market position besides, growing. We seize every learning and development opportunity in order to improve the knowledge and experience of our team. We have to keep advancing endlessly.

Gratitude and Appreciation

We like to put everyone in his shoes, we never underestimate someone’s work. We always appreciate good work, confess it publically and reward generously for it.

Fun Culture

We are humans. Unlike machines that only work and eat, we have personal lives to live, goals to pursue and dreams to achieve. We have souls, not just bodies. We believe that taking appropriate work breaks in some funny activities repower us to perform better and motivates us to work optimally.


We respect each other’s and others just as we like to be respected. We like for others whatever we like to ourselves.

Alignment with Core Values

We like to keep ourselves within the borders of values we build for our work and life. We believe this helps us on all levels and planes.