Cloud Computing applications are those applications utilizing remote servers which reside somewhere on the internet or any other remote network to store and process data, services and applications instead of locally stored server computers. In other words, cloud computing development means somehow sharing resources. In which you rent something outside your organisation, the cloud, for many purposes such as data storage, computing processing or software utilization. Often, the cloud computing services providers are the companies owning or running powerful data centres or in demand software solutions.

The companies that need services like additional storage, testing environments, enhanced security, better computing processing powers or web hosting are the clients for the cloud computing services providers. The providers offer the clients cloud computing development, services, solutions and applications.

What benefits cloud computing offers?

Cloud computing actually offers many benefits through this efficient shared resources fashion. Here are few of these advantages.


You can always rent a small cloud for your needs while having the option to upgrade it once your business needs grow. Also, you can stop the rent anytime once you are in a no more need for it.

Cost efficiency

In this efficient cloud computing technology, you only pay for whatever you need just whenever you need it. This technology saves the business many resources that used to be wasted earlier before the availability of the cloud computing services.

Moreover,by making use of cloud computing technology, capital expenditure CAPEX converts into operational expenditure OPEX, which is very healthy for the investment planning and operations. In CAPEX investments, you pay an amount initially, then try to make the best use “investment” for this already paid amount in your business in terms of utilizing the resources you already paid for to make the highest revenues. However, in OPEX you pay nothing in advance but you only pay for your operational costs that are needed to run your business as it goes.


Using the cloud computing services, the service providers take care of most of the maintenance activities which removes that burden from your shoulders allowing you to use fewer number of engineers and administrators.


The cloud computing applications offer you by default automatic scalability features, in which whenever your business has a peak performance, the cloud automatically assigns you more resources to cover your continuous changing workloads. Of course, it all depends on the contract you have with the provider.


Using cloud computing services, you can usually get access to your information, applications or services regardless of your location. As long as you have the required privileges, it does not matter whether you are accessing your services or data from the Arabs peninsula, east or west.


Cloud computing offers the clients a world class high security level at an affordable cost.

Cloud Services

We are committed to equip our clients with the latest technologies that help them expanding their businesses. There are three main cloud services: IaaS, SaaS and PaaS.


IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service, in which you rent virtual devices like virtual machines including virtual CPU, RAM and storage for your applications and data. It is not limited to just that, but you can also rent network device, firewalls, IP addresses whether public or private addresses.


SaaS stands for Software as a Service, in which you actually rent a software application or just a module of the whole software system. This service is very useful when you are testing a new application, because it allows you to fully test the system before implementing it.


PaaS stands for Platform as a Service, in which you rent an access to a platform like databases, development tools, and application servers.

Cloud main types

We can find three main cloud types.


In which the cloud is available via network for the public use. Many organizations and individuals can rent the needed resources from the cloud.


In which all the cloud tangible infrastructure is used only by a single organization.


In which there are public and private elements in the cloud.

Cloud services providers

There are many cloud services providers within the market, however the three main players are Microsoft, Amazon and Google.

You may also find other cloud services providers like CloudSigma, Rackspace, StratoGen, Dimension Data,, Storm on Demand and Elastichosts.

We empower your business with a full cloud development services and solutions in a tailor fit fashion to exactly match your business needs, targets and operational model.