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We are committed to deliver a world classy services in high reliability, security, efficiency, scalability and for a very competitive price that the highest level organizations can rely on comfortably.

We offer quality assurance services for software, applications and websites.

Quality Assurance Elements

Our quality assurance services cover the following domains.


We gather the requirements from the client and depending on each case, we may also on behalf of the client listen to the requirements of the users of the system who might be engineers, employees or customers.

Whether we are working on the maintenance and support of a software, an application or a website, we have to initially fully understand the nature of the business, environment and what is needed from the application as well as what are the business targets.

Understanding the nature of the requirements is essential for us to bias our services and direct our efforts towards achieving the required targets. During our work on forming and building the requirements, we pay very high attention to the details in this aspect without losing our global orientation.

Our quality assurance operations usually start with the preparation of the requirements.

Design and Development

Once we complete the requirements list and verify it with the concerned parties along with the proper co-ordination with the client, we can at this point proceed to the design phase.

During any application design phase, our experts take the client dreams and start to think of how to achieve them at the best interest of the client. Our design operation is committed to forming robust solutions that are attractive, efficient, reliable and easy to use.

As soon as the design becomes ready and gets approved, we then take it directly to the development phase. In which, we start converting the design into machine language code that builds the designers’ vision forming a computer based system that is capable of achieving the requirements.


This is our first milestone in which we challenge our pre-release version of the software product in order to check and verify that the produced system is capable of doing the required as needed. During software, application or web development it is very critical to test the product extensively before releasing it to the users in order to avoid any errors during the operations which delays the business and waste the time and resources.


Once we complete the testing, we take the results to the analysis phase in which we evaluate the software, application or website versus the originally designed requirements.

In case we find something that needs modification, we properly document that in details and send the product back to the proper team to redesign or redevelop it as needed.

Once we reach a point where we are satisfied with the results, we just document the testing and pass the product forward to the production phase.


During the release phase, we go ahead and make the software, application of website available to the operational use of its end users.


At the operations phase, the software, application or website is running and its users are using it while we monitor its performance in order to address any issues that might come out during the operation. We are committed to keep the system running smoothly and stable.

During the operations, we gather feedback and form a vision to use it when working on the next release of the product so that it gets better in terms of functionality, performance, reliability, efficiency and ease of use.

During all the above steps, we seek addressing errors, defects and any kind of needed modifications at the earliest possible phase, because the sooner, the easier and the cheaper it is to make a modification.