We purvey the recruitment agencies and HR departments with the appropriate best fitting recruiting software solutions. Our solutions drive efficient recruitment acceleration in which it simply connects you with the best available appropriate talents for each vacancy you are recruiting for.

We, Esprit, deeply believe that human talents really represent the most efficient factor in the success of any organization which drives its growth and achievements forming its competitive advantages.

Recruiting the top quality talents is becoming harder now a days, due to many reasons from the market globalization and internationalization reaching to the global conflicts which make the education harder in many regions in the world. Due to these reasons and more, it is getting tougher to identify the appropriate quality talents, besides recruiting them. The enormous changes in the market of talents push the organizations and recruitment agencies to find new innovative and creative solutions to enable them to capture the needed talents quickly in the way that fits the organization best interest.

We purvey you with the needed tools to achieve these targets efficiently. Our recruitment software solutions can be categorized into the following main categories.

Referral recruitment software solutions

Our referral recruitment software solutions empower your employees with the needed tools to easily and quickly share the current job openings through their social media channels opening a huge door for your vacancies targeted reach. Your employees are very good persons to market your job openings, because they know the jobs and company more than anyone else. They shall be able to easily figure out who are the best matches for the job needs among their contacts and connections. They can have some chats about the vacancies within their communities spreading the word between those interested. Reaching more passive candidates is healthy in many aspects, in which it endorses your employment brand and allows you to track your success by pointing out the top referring employees. We can give you a social recruitment tools and applications that are easily integral into the major social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Our solutions give you live real-time insights and metrics so that you can easily track the jobs reach and the employees referrals activities as they happen. Referral recruitment fashion has proved that it saves time and money while achieving better results.

Talent management recruitment software solutions

It is important to be ready with the proper talents you might be interested in all the time even before you have a vacancy for them, because in many cases organizations are tight in time when it comes for recruitment. Once the business expands or gets a new contract, it wishes to immediately get the talented staff to deliver. Our flexible recruitment software solutions build you a shared database of the talents you are interested in by collecting CVs, resumes and details from the online job boards which leaves you all the time with an updated shared database of talents you might need even if they are not looking for a job. Your staff shall be always ready with the appropriate candidates whenever needed, saving much valuable time, money and resources. Your recruitment team can work together on the talent pool in a shared work platform in order to keep all persons updated all the time with the latest candidates’ information which smoothens your operations and drive the business forward quickly.

Hiring management recruitment software solutions

Our hiring management recruitment software solutions give you the efficient tools you need to manage the entire hiring process through all its steps and phases. You can track applicants, interviews, shortlisted, contracting progress and with a social media integration in order to facilitate the communication and information sharing.

Special needs recruitment software solutions

Although most organizations and recruitment agencies can efficiently satisfy their recruitment needs, of course there are special needs everywhere. We are always open to happily listen to your exact needs and design a special recruitment software solution that is exactly dedicated to handle your business special needs. Contact us now to start your recruitment renovation process taking it to the ultimate success.