The Business directory software solutions we offer are ideal for establishing your online business directory website and developing your business directory applications.

Just as we usually handle our projects, we firstly listen to your business directory imagination and suggestions, then we start to design the best fitting solution for your case and once approved we proceed into the development phase to produce the business directory software solution and application.

Our business directory software solutions are characterized by:

  1. International languages support, in which we design and build our business directory applications to support the languages the client is targeting customers speaking with. We not only allow an easy language switch for users, we also make sure that the international languages are looking nicely for the users by enhancing the complex fonts layouts and clarifying them.
  2. Easy to use responsive designs, in which we produce business directory solutions running on an easy to use platforms for both the systems administrators and the users. The system administrators shall easily switch between themes, fonts and colours while the end users can easily customize the appearance and layout options to their best interests.
  3. Easy massive import and export operations, in which you never have to provide anything other an Excel spreadsheet with the data, then our business directory application will take care of everything from this point.
  4. Bulk email support, in which our business directory email applications power your business with the capabilities to send emails to your whole audience, subscribers or groups. Even if the internet service provider (ISP) in your domain applies an email sending limit, no problem our business directory applications will reschedule the remaining emails to be sent out the next day through email queuing technology solutions.
  5. Data backup, in which our business directory solutions suffice your business any need to back up your data. We already build you an in house back up application to save all your data based on the best technology for your business.

Our business directory software solutions and applications actually give you much more like: Pricing tools, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Management System (CMS), unlimited business listings, location management, category management, user management, account management, banner management, tags management, social networks integration, Google Analytics integration, content security, payment gateways, Short Messaging Service (SMS) gateways, and customization.

Seize the opportunity now to start or enrich your business directory success track and contact us to discuss your project.