Transportation and Delivery services are essential in most of the business on this planet. Every business is just a link between a producer and a consumer. Business has to guarantee the efficient delivery of the goods to the door of the end consumer. We provide our clients with scalable, reliable and powerful management software to handle all their transportation and delivery services.


Handling transportation operations gets your business to face the real issues of logistics costs, complex carriers’ networks, dynamic regulations and growing volumes.

Transportation business is much challenging; in which you have times to commit to while customers might not commit to their times. Handling the time variations from customers and managing your operations so that you are available on time needs advanced tools to log the timing details, keep track of the vehicles, update the traffic information for the staff and present the required accurate information to the customers whenever needed. Do you need to have an in place operational policy to manage the cancellations or the delays from the customers? We offer our clients fully operational software solutions to efficiently handle the transportation business smoothly up to the customers’ expectations.

Our tailor fit transportation platforms are designed to enable your business to efficiently manage the transportation of goods and people all over your supply chain network of operations. Our transportation solutions not only empower you to handle the transportation and customer management, but they also address the customs management in the global operations, warehouse management, global insights, decision tacking process and efficient teamwork.

We offer our transportation solutions at low start-up costs, quick implementation and continuous improvements. We build transportation systems and platforms that are easily configured and customized with the changing business needs.

Delivery services

Delivery services, just like the transportation services, are definitely time sensitive, demanding and dynamic. Our software designs for delivery services solutions focus on these facets during the process of structuring the client needs. We give your business real-time access to the system and the information. Our platforms update the operational information all the time.

Our delivery services software solutions efficiently handle the couriers, dispatchers and all the delivery business components.

Our delivery services solutions are easily accessible from anywhere at any time thanks to the cloud technology. We guarantee fully data protection, backup and availability. We offer solutions that work on all computer based devices including mobiles, tablets and desktops. We are always available 24/7 through the holidays and weekends whenever needed for the technical support and any issues that require attention.

Our delivery software solutions are easily implemented and are completely integral within whatever existing systems you may already have in place.

Take your transportation and delivery services business to a world class levels of services through our solutions today.